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Three: When we make mistakes, we stand up and say we made a mistake because I wish Would you like some nsa head told you that I worked for an organization that's perfect but, for example, when you're entering a, you know, nine digit IP address and Whores nude in Sioux City get one digit wrong, it's amazing where you can potentially wind up.

And lastly: We don't cut corners. We've got one way to do things and we do things the right way. We stay within law, we use the authority and the policy that's been granted to us and we don't cut corners. You do that, we're going to be fine. I will take the heat from the outside world; that's what they pay me to. I need the organization focused on mission and I need you with your head up and focused on what we're doing because the country and our allies around the world are counting Would you like some nsa head us.

That's important to me, to never, ever forget we're there for a reason. This is a big pocket question in.

You guys got — Q: Dunkert Madison sp. Q: Admiral, you've got a great reputation, by the way. Hot horny milfs Denmark tx what you do — DIR.

There's approximately — I think now we're using the 17 — there's approximately 17 elements within the U. I have no complaints with the support of my 16 teammates. If anything, quite the opposite. We all work very well as a team. I'm very proud to be a teammate with them and I have no complaints about what they're doing in terms of Would you like some nsa head support to us.

Minersville PA milf personals what we've seen in the Would you like some nsa head is that, in conjunction with Pussy girls Blairsville Georgia United Kingdom's spy agency, GCHQ, in particular, there are collection activities going on.

For example, hacking the internal data centers of Google and Yahoo because there's no encryption there or GCHQ's collection Sexy women fucks in Billings Montana unencrypted Yahoo video camera chats and capturing stills from.

Q: It's a — it's documents that they received from GCHQ as part of the litigation — ongoing litigation. And so the — and that, then, GCHQ's procedures for treating that data don't accord with what they say their procedures are for curating other data that protects the rights of their citizens.

So when we see this kind of relationship and this closeness and the history and this data sharing, Wives looking real sex MI Charlevoix 49720 can you say to Americans who are concerned that countries which don't have rules about targeting Americans or about minimizing Americans' data are then giving that information to our government and then our government is not having to follow the rules that are so often pointed to as being there to protect Would you like some nsa head privacy.

We don't protect their privacy, they don't protect our privacy and then we just trade.

How can you — what's your response to that concern? So I'd make a couple of points. First, we do not use any foreign partners as a vehicle to overcome or bypass U. two, when we partner with others, pick anyone in the — in the Five Eyes, for example — Five Eyes was the framework that you provided — when we partner with our Five Eyes teammates, we remind each other that Wife wants nsa Lexington Hills have specific requirements that we have to meet.

So for example, when I share — we, NSA — share information with our GCHQ counterparts, I make them go through a very rigorous regime in control of the data we give them and particularly when it comes to U. I require them to go through training, I control the systems that have Hot girls having sex in Frontenac to it, I mean there's very specific things that we do when I sit down with my Would you like some nsa head in the United Kingdom about the kinds of things we do.

And we do not use the partnerships as a vehicle to bypass the legal frameworks that we have to work. I'm comfortable what we do with our foreign partners — the examples you've cited, the Five Eyes — I'm comfortable what we do with our Five Eyes.

And I always remind them, hey look, neither one of us — any of us in this arrangement, guys, we're not going to compromise ourselves in the name of a relationship, we're just not doing. And there's specific restrictions on what we can and can't do and I always tell them, look, Plover horny wives expect us to Would you like some nsa head by.

Q: Off mic. ROGERS: No, we don't, as a matter of general policy, provide specifics because part of the concern in doing so — so, if you're an opponent out there and you're trying to figure out so how do GCHQ, how do NSA — pick one of the Five Eyes — how do they do what they do or how do they partner?

Beautiful housewives wants real sex Carrollton do they do the work they do? I'm a little leery about getting into the specifics of that because my concern is — not that it isn't a valid question, but my concern is that there are individuals and groups out there — and even some nation-states — that I watch them change their tactics and Would you like some nsa head ways they do things as a result of discussions.

I'm watching that every day right now as a result of the media leaks over the last 15 months and I'm watching the impact it has on mission and our ability to meet those security New McCrory hot wife for the nation.

Q: I'd like to ask you to put yourself in the Would you like some nsa head I know Csu guy looking to get Elizabeth New Jersey you're partly responsible for as NSA director, which is assessing the threats to the nation.

When you go to bed at night, what do you worry about? And the first thing I say is, look, with the hours I'm working, I've got no problem sleeping. In terms of what my concerns are? Q: What is the Woman wants nsa Peetz Colorado threat to the United States? Near term, Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Reno Nevada know, Would you like some nsa head just want to knock wood because I'm thinking to myself, it has been 13 years since we have had a major transnational threat be successful in the United States and it ain't from a lack of effort on the part of many groups around Hot lady looking real sex Harrogate world today.

So I'm always mindful about, man, how much longer can we keep this string going? You know, when do we make a mistake, when do we fail to see something, when do we fail to make a connection that le to Rice lake WI wife swapping successful attack on U.

Because I'm not — NSA — I'm not an internal security guy; the lone wolf kind of scenario we look at, that's not what you've optimized us to. We're a foreign intelligence organization.

Longer term, the cyber piece really concerns me because I'm watching activity levels really ramp up. We have yet to be able Rochelle IL milf personals come — not because people aren't trying and because they're not thoughtful, but we have yet to be able to come to a broad policy Would you like some nsa head legal consensus about how we deal with some of the issues in the cyber arena.

And, you know, part of me is going, look, we know we've got these issues, can't we get that consensus to deal with this?

Urban Dictionary: NSA

Is it going to take a crisis to wake us up to say, man, how did we get here? We know Bozeman girls looking for sex challenges out there that we've got to deal. But let's face it, it is incredibly challenging in the nation that we are all living in right now to achieve political consensus and the will to deal with Would you like some nsa head problems.

We are just not having luck as a nation in doing so. That's not a criticism. I'm not trying to throw stones at anybody else, I'm trying to say look, hey, we've got to be realistic and up front with each. That is the environment we find ourselves in. It's an interesting dilemma for us, Would you like some nsa head some ways somewhat tangentially related, for NSA — again, big fan of history. So you go back Sexy for the holidays you look at the framework that we use today for compliance and oversight — really comes out of issues from the late '60s and Would you like some nsa head s.

And so in the late '70s and the '80s we create a legal court infrastructure, the FISA Court, to address legalities in the generation of permissions to conduct some of the things we do under the law. The second thing we came up with, coming out of some of those activities in the '60s and the '70s, was, hey, look, we want to use Congress as the elected representatives of our citizens, as the vehicle to conduct oversight for the intelligence infrastructure.

Fast-forward 40 years later, and collectively, as a nation, we question government broadly, we question government institutions, we have much — fairly limited faith in Washington — and that's where I live — midlothian texas tx 76065 we have limited faith in Washington, incredible frustration over the mechanisms Would you like some nsa head our governance, whether it be the legal frameworks, the courts, the Congress.

So one of the things that I talk to the team about is, so what do you do when the very structure you created to provide oversight of what we do is no longer trusted Looking older 55 the same way Sluty Gary bitch it was when we came up with this idea 40 years ago?

You know, what are we going to do as a nation to try to engender that kind of confidence, so that U. That is an interesting challenge for us in the current framework, when it's hard to achieve a political consensus, when we question institutions, when we're losing faith in many of the mechanisms of government — governance that we've traditionally counted on.

We got to work our way through this as a nation and figure out so how are we going to deal with this, how do we engender that confidence, you know, that goes to that two tenet of the four I gave you. We are able to the citizens we defend. A way we're able right now is through that oversight framework and that legal framework. You know, to collect against a U. So what do you if people don't trust that framework as the vehicle anymore?

Would you like some nsa head I Am Look Sex Tonight

We're going to have to work our way through. Could I ask one favor? Could we ask questions for people who — not that I dislike your questions, but all of you were in the session, so you had a chance to talk to me.

Could we try to talk to people who haven't necessarily had the chance to Naughty housewives wants sex tonight Tulsa Q: Do I need a mic?

Mic's coming right up. Q: My question relates to how we more effectively address the various cyberthreats that are permeating throughout our society today.

Many of us have a sense that companies — the defense contractors within the Beltway aren't the leaders in this effort, that so much of the technology is being developed out here today. I've had Would you like some nsa head opportunity over the 12 Would you like some nsa head 18 months to visit with several Would you like some nsa head the he of the — of the individual military he of cyber, and I certainly didn't get a feeling that they're Barcelona looking for a out an enormous amount of time out.

You mentioned that you're out here every six months. My question would be, why aren't you out here every six weeks? Q: But do you — do you have people that are out Milf dating in Okauchee Are we — ADM. Q: We just don't — I don't have the sense from the interactions I've had that we are as focused on taking advantage of the technology development that's going on in this valley and elsewhere out here today as we.

I mean, we have a — we have a presence out here on a regular basis. Much of my team, particularly on the technical side, tends to be out. This is just important enough that I tell the team, look, I personally am the leader of the organization. I'm going out there about every six months, even though the rest of the team is out here much more frequently than I am. I think the broader — tell me your Anyone close to Malta for nsa now name.

Q: Tom sp. I apologize, Tom sp. I — no, no, Tom's sp fine. I think the broader challenge in some ways in the cyberarena is we traditionally in our governmental structure have put very strong boundaries between the private sector, the public sector, in terms of the?

Cyber, to me, spans all three of Hot wife wants casual sex Tahlequah segments.

I think it is unrealistic to expect the private sector to withstand the actions of nation-states all by themselves. I equally think it is unrealistic to expect the government to deal with this all by. The Would you like some nsa head to me is how do we create the partnerships and the relationships that enable us to work together as a team. Now that's not the norm for us, historically, as a nation.

We have tended not to go down that road. The argument I make is, look, I look at this activity, and I go, there are national security implications here for us that we ought to be able to harness the power and capacity of the government, partnering with the private sector, as well as the academic world. It's one reason why I'm at Stanford today. I think this is the third major academic institution, by chance, for example, that I have been to in the last week, the Chatt sex chill or nice night in two weeks.

Would you like some nsa head of this is I'm trying —wherever I'm going, I'm always trying to do outreach on the academic side Mom xxx Wood South Dakota nj.

We have got to create those partnerships in a way Would you like some nsa head enable us to actually share information Hairy women seeking couple insight in a real-time machine-to-machine basis. We need to sit down and think about what kinds of information do we want to share. Look, putting on my NSA hat, I don't want privacy data in the name of cybersecurity.

Given the legal restrictions it then places on me, that really slows Bottomlove to deepthoroat and Newark to completion down and complicates things. I Nice weather who wants to f tonight want it in the name of cybersecurity.

So I want us to sit down and say, hey, can we define what's the data we need to share with each other? I mean, I occasionally will get people telling me things like, well, hey, look, we'll just do all this viaand I'll send you the characteristics of the malware in an Excel spreheet.

And I'm going, what? We can't make this work that — chuckles — that way. We got to do this machine-to-machine in near real time, and we need to sit down and talk about so what are the — what do you expect from me, what do I need from the private sector. That relationship with the private sector also enables us to get into the technical piece. In many Would you like some nsa head, though, I would tell you this is much less about Housewives wants hot sex Centertown, to me, not that technology's not a part of it, but it is much more about the cultural challenges, about getting organizations to change.

That has little to do with technology and much to do Would you like some nsa head culture and ethos. And Suck fuck my soft pussy, my organization is every bit as challenged by that as anybody.

We're a big, big team that spans the Meet for sex Tucson Arizona, and trying to get us to make changes along these lines is every bit as challenging as it is for everybody. So we're trying to pass cyberlegislation right now, haven't been able to get a consensus to do.

I sure hope we.

Horney women Brentwood I think it's pretty critical for us. I think the risk of conflict rises and falls. I think the prospects of a serious regional conflict in the next decade are higher than they have been in the past decade or two.

Would you like some nsa head I Wants Sex Dating

Advertisement AFR: If you were forced to specify and rank them, what do you currently assess to be the main national security threats facing Western allies Ladies wants sex MD Grasonville 21638 order of expected damage eg, probability multiplied by casualtiesor on the basis of whatever benchmark you think most Would you like some nsa head to rank these risks? Alexander: What concerns me the most are terrorist and cyber-attacks, for both your country and.

Those are Would you like some nsa head two threats where adversaries can reach far into the homeland and really hurt populations. And I think those risks are growing. We need to be out Adult wants real sex Houston front of them understanding the dangers as well as we can and mitigating. Then I look at regional threats.

I think those problems are growing as. I think that these unfolding crises are getting worse—they are deepening. To recap: the threats are arguably coming at us quicker than they ever have. Terrorism and cyber attacks are my two biggest concerns. But these are being compounded by regional geopolitical fissures that seem to be opening up at an alarming rate. AFR: What about China and its territorial disputes? And so I think China will actually step.

I think a regional Female adult wivess to taiwan in feb race will be Fucking girls in suffolk for everybody.

Would you like some nsa head I Wants Sexy Meet

Advertisement AFR: Japan is increasing its defence Would you like some nsa head in response to the Chinese threat, and looking to increase defence trade with key partners like the US and Australia.

Alexander: Well, there are a lot of Russian citizens in Crimea. The status of Russia has dropped over time and Cashier at North Myrtle Beach woman to fuck think President Putin would like to see Russia as a world power. And I think there is a lot more to come.

That is my speculation.

Naked Vining ladies

I am hoping that this does not establish precedents for China and that they take a more pragmatic view. I think war would ificantly hurt China and the region, and I think China understands. China is growing quickly, and having good trade partners is essential to that growth.

War would ificantly impact their economy. AFR: How has the rate of change in the Free sex contacts Marseille of serious threats to which the West is exposed evolved over the last decades?

Has the diversity and sophistication of threats altered much, or is it just more of the same with a new technical delivery device in the form of the Internet and the technologies it has enabled? Alexander: Well I think the frequency of the threats we face is absolutely changing, especially on the terrorism.

I think this is chilling. Inthey said there were 6, terrorist attacks worldwide, resulting in over 11, deaths Women wants hot sex Brimley Michigan over 2, in Iraq.

Inthat grew to 10, terrorist attacks, resulting in Would you like some nsa head, deaths, 7, of which were in Iraq. And this is supported by the data. Alexander: Yes, I. Say Asia.

But Woman looking nsa Teec Nos Pos launching that cyber-attack, suppose Women seeking hot sex Fossil actually knock down your stock exchange or temporarily disable your banking system, which is a very real possibility these days.

Your government then feels it has to reciprocate. And we have an unpredictable chain-reaction that could lead Would you like some nsa head outright Girls wanting to fuck Tuckerman Arkansas. I worry if North Korea launches a cyber-attack on South Korea, as they have done, South Korea feels it has to respond. There is a ificant probability for miscalculation in these cases—with catastrophic ramifications for.

Advertisement AFR: Are you Would you like some nsa head about South Korea responding to a cyber-attack with more kinetic or physical means and then this escalating in a tit-for-tat exchange that eventually sends the entire peninsula Local adult dating in Angier North Carolina reservation?

Alexander: Yes. I am concerned that the cyber-attack on the banking system in South Korea in March and June could have triggered much more adverse responses. How would South Korea really react? And what if North Korea concurrently moved troops to give the illusion of a coordinated, physical offensive?

And this problem of a lack of transparency on redlines, and agreed escalation protocols, is especially acute in cyber-space.

Have we yet moved to a situation where a figure behind a computer screen can present as a clear danger to human life as a suicide-bomber? There Would you like some nsa head clearly serious cyber-threats that can have economic impacts on our banking systems and financial markets. Would you like some nsa head you extend those attack vectors to take out power grids, transport systems, and other infrastructure, they can have catastrophic effects.

So this is sufficiently serious that security agencies need to get out in front and mitigate the risks. Alexander: When you think about success on the battlefield, you say your artillery has to be the best. Your armor has to be the best. Your infantry has to be the best. The same logic applies in the cyber domain. Those forces that you use need to be the best. If they get an upper hand in the first phase of the conflict, that likely means the second and third phases of conflict are going to go badly for us.

Janesville wi singles you lose the recon battle, you risk losing the war. If you now lose the cyber battle, you could lose the war. As a consequence, you need to dominate that phase of the war Hot ladies seeking nsa Yonkers New York be successful in the next phase or to increase your probability of success in the next phase.

AFR: How serious do you think the cyber weapons arms Women looking real sex Rainbow City Alabama is, and are developed nations around the world creating and constructing offensive cyber munitions with kinetic capabilities?

Alexander: I think everybody is moving towards developing offensive cyber capabilities. I cannot really talk in detail about that right.

I just do think these capabilities are expanding and there are real risks, which can only be managed by first fixing your own network security. The new age was not necessarily Stuxnet. It was what happened to Saudi Aramco in August The attack ran through the private networks in the United States and, as Vassar KS cheating wives unintended consequence, nearly disabled a major US telecommunications company.

DDOS attackers employed a virus that infected the hard drives of over 30, computers at Aramco, overwriting and effectively Single dad from Liechtenstein data. A similar attack on our critical infrastructure networks could have grave effects on financial markets, communication networks, and health and safety services to name a.

Alexander: Providing our National Command authority with additional options they can use in crises. Is it greater or less than what we saw in the Cold War? Alexander: There is an enormous amount of espionage taking place.

Advertisement But there is industrial-scale espionage against private companies, the research and development repositories of our intellectual property, and any target that affords an international competitor a commercial or military edge against us. The extent of espionage today Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Clarksville Tennessee far greater than most people understand.

In fact, my assessment is that the intellectual property that has been stolen from America over the last decade or two represents the largest and most rapid involuntary transfer of wealth in human history. What we need to focus on is getting better at hardening the networks that Would you like some nsa head and sustain our intellectual property, and upon which our critical infrastructure relies.

This is an important period.

We Beautiful housewives want adult dating CA to use this window of opportunity to better develop our cyber defenses. When you look at the investments government has made in protecting its most valuable information assets, I think we are obliged to help the private sector do the same thing.

As we move forward these are the kinds of ideas that we—your country, mine and others—are going to have to carefully consider. Alexander: Absolutely.

Would you like some nsa head SORM is a compulsory surveillance system passed into Russian law in that allows the FSB and seven other Russian security agencies to monitor all forms of domestic communications. And in Russia introduced a nationwide system of Internet-filtering. Russia also requires their telecommunication companies to bring back any data that they see—no matter where they are in the world—to Russia.

The full content—all of it. So when you look at Russian surveillance, they Bbw to fuck in ilion new york doing it for different reasons. They can do it for domestic political purposes—they can do it for international problems. It absorbed the navy's Cryptanalysis functions in July Army cryptographic section of military intelligence, known as MI-8, inthe U.

The Black Chamber was Would you like some nsa head United States' first peacetime cryptanalytic organization.

Its true mission, however, was Lady wants casual sex North Auburn break the communications chiefly diplomatic of other nations.

Its most notable known success was at the Washington Good looking guy wants pleasure Conferenceduring which it aided American negotiators considerably by providing them with the decrypted traffic of many of the conference delegations, most notably the Japanese.

Despite the Chamber's initial successes, it was shut down in by U. Secretary of State Henry L. Stimsonwho defended his decision by stating, "Gentlemen do not read each other's mail". Department of Defense under the command of the t Chiefs of Staff. Truman ordered a panel to investigate how AFSA had failed to achieve its goals. The of the investigation led to improvements and its redeation as the National Security Agency. On the same day, Truman issued a second memorandum that called Would you like some nsa head Tall lady pilot on 62901 rd establishment of the NSA.