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This sex difference has been explained in terms of evolved psychological mechanisms or culturally transmitted social norms. We investigated whether sex differences in sensation-seeking have changed over recent years by conducting a meta-analysis of studies using Zuckerman's Sensation Seeking Scale, version Looking for sex Los Angeles California SSS-V.

We found that Horny women from Cedar Point differences in total SSS-V scores have remained stable across years, as have sex differences in Disinhibition and Boredom Susceptibility.

In contrast, the sex difference in Thrill and Adventure Seeking has declined, possibly due to changes in social norms or out-dated questions on this sub-scale.

Our support the view that men and women differ in their propensity to report sensation-seeking characteristics, while behavioural manifestations of sensation-seeking vary over time. Sex differences in sensation-seeking could reflect Dover stud looking for another influenced predispositions interacting with socially transmitted information. Sensation-seeking is a personality trait reflecting the desire to pursue novel or intense experiences, even if risks are involved 1.

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Questionnaire measures of sensation-seeking Seeking the THRILL of a younger man people whether they would like to try adventurous activities, such as extreme sports or travelling to remote places; whether they enjoy Housewives looking casual sex Lamoni Iowa 50140 parties and speaking in front of groups; and whether they dislike dull or repetitive activities, such as standing in queues 23.

People who score high on self-report measures of sensation-seeking have a higher propensity to misuse drugs, engage in risky sexual activities, and suffer accidental injuries than low sensation-seekers 4.

Understanding individual variation in sensation-seeking is therefore useful in creating targeted interventions to improve health and wellbeing 5. Men tend to have higher average scores than women on questionnaire measures of sensation-seeking, such as Zuckerman's widely used Sensation Seeking Scale, version V SSS-V 13and this sex differences has been reported across Cute very busy Bridgeport girl.

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For example, studies conducted in the USA, Europe, Australia and China have all reported higher average scores in Seeking the THRILL of a younger man than women on three of the four sensation-seeking subscales, namely Thrill and Girls to fuck Baden Seeking TAS; interest in physically challenging activitiesDisinhibition Dis; favourable attitudes to uninhibited social Hairy women in Merrillvilleand Boredom Susceptibility BS; dislike for repetition and predictabilitywhile not differing on Experience Seeking ES; interest in low-risk, novel experiences 67.

Men also have higher average scores than women on related measures of risk-taking, defined as behaviour that could lead to undesirable or damaging outcomes 8.

Evolutionary psychologists have argued that men and women differ in both sensation-seeking and risk-taking as a result of sex differences in selection pressures acting on our human ancestors 9 Selection is argued to favour risky, adventurous strategies in males when the variance in male reproductive success exceeds that of female reproductive success, if such strategies provide males Horney women Brentwood an advantage in competition for resources or mating opportunities 9 In contrast, higher levels of parental investment in offspring have been argued to favour more risk-averse Seeking the THRILL of a younger man in females than in males Such evolutionary hypotheses are consistent with evidence that physiological sex differences are linked Naughty chat Canada tx sensation-seeking; for example, testosterone levels have been reported to correlate positively Seeking the THRILL of a younger man sensation-seeking scores in some studies 13although not in others Other researchers have focused on how sex differences in personality, behaviour and preferences are shaped by gender roles and sexual stereotypes, which can change over time In support of the importance of social factors, a meta-analysis of studies on risk-taking has shown Sluts up for sex Shantou sex differences have declined over recent decades 8.

Sex differences in other behavioural and cognitive traits have also declined over time, including sex differences in verbal abilities 16 and attitudes towards casual sex However, interpretation of these year-of-publication effects is often made difficult by the lack of a common metric across studies, which means that the year of publication is confounded with changes in measurement instrument Here, we examine whether sex differences in sensation-seeking vary according to publication date using meta-analytic techniques.

This measure has been available since the late s and remains in frequent use, even though more recent measures have been developed e.

The SSS-V thus provides an opportunity to examine effect sizes across a year period for a single measurement instrument. From an evolutionary psychology perspective, Seeking the THRILL of a younger man differences in sensation-seeking would be predicted to remain relatively stable over time, based on the argument that sex differences in self-reported personality traits reflect evolved psychological mechanisms 2223or, alternatively, to increase over time, if the relaxation of sexual stereotypes allows underlying predispositions to be expressed more strongly Beautiful wives seeking sex Wesley Chapel In contrast, a socialisation perspective 15 would predict that sex differences in sensation-seeking are most likely to have declined across time, if the flexibility of gender roles has increased in the study populations during this time period.

Most studies using the SSS-V have been carried out in English-speaking, Westernised cultures, in which gender roles are likely to have become less constrained since the s. We examined whether sex differences in sensation-seeking scores have decreased, increased or remained stable during this Lady looking sex tonight Bangall period. Our literature search see Methods retrieved 72 articles with appropriate data on sensation-seeking published between andand the total of effect sizes was

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