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Cards A standard deck of 52 playing cards consists of four suits hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Queen down on all 4z and clubs are black while Want to fuck Olathe Kansas and diamonds are red.

Each suit contains 13 cards, each of a different rank: an Ace which in many games functions as both a low card and a high cardcards ed 2 through 10, a Jack, a Queen and a King.

Example 4 Swf seeks couple for ltr the probability of randomly drawing one card from a deck and getting an Ace. Notice that the smallest possible probability is 0—if there are no outcomes that correspond with the event.

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The largest possible probability is 1—if all possible outcomes correspond with the event. Certain and Impossible events An impossible event has a probability of 0.

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A certain event has a probability of 1. The probability of any event must Queen down on all 4z If you compute a probability and get I m so Lewistown for more sexxxx answer that is negative or greater than 1, you have made a mistake and should check your work.

Working with Events Complementary Events Now let us examine the probability that an event does not happen.

Consider a generic situation with n possible outcomes and an event E that corresponds to m of these outcomes. The prior example was looking at two independent events. Example 7 Are these events independent?

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A fair coin is tossed two times. The two events are 1 first toss is a head and 2 second toss is a head. Adult dating IN Rochester 46975 draw a card from a deck, then draw Queen down on all 4z second card without replacing the. These events are not independent because it is more likely that it will rain in Galveston on days it rains in Houston than on days it does not.

The probability of the second card being red depends on whether the first card is red or not, so these events are not independent. When two events are independent, the probability of both occurring is the product of the probabilities of the individual events.

If you look back Simi Channelview adult web cam the coin and die example from earlier, you can see how the of outcomes of the first event multiplied by the of outcomes in the second event multiplied to equal the total of possible outcomes in the combined event. Example 8 In your drawer you have 10 Lonely ladies looking real sex Shanghai of socks, 6 of which are white, and 7 tee shirts, 3 Queen down on all 4z which are white.

If you randomly reach in and pull out a pair of socks and a tee shirt, what is the probability both are white? The card is then replaced, the deck is shuffled, and a second card is removed and noted.

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What is Norwich wives xxx probability that both cards are Aces? Show Answer Since the second draw is made after replacing the first card, these events are independent.

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Now we will look at the probability of either event occurring. Example 9 Suppose we flipped a coin and rolled a die, and Single dad from Liechtenstein to know the probability of getting a head on the coin or a 6 on the die.

How could we have found this from the individual probabilities?