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In a literature search only 29 fairly representative cross-sectional studies were. There was a single population study of elderly Danish women. The aim of our study was to describe the sexual life of a group of year-old women Tall lady pilot on 62901 rd the Copenhagen area.

Material and methods: A random sample of women was taken from a cohort found to be fairly representative of year-old women in the County of Copenhagen. The women were Swingers sdc Mobile about their attitudes and sexual experiences in a semi-structured interview.

Socio-demographic data were collected. : Half the women felt sexual desire once a month or more and had intercourse once a month or.

Two thirds had had no more than three sexual partners, and 85 per cent had a regular partner at the time of the study. The most common dysfunction was vaginal dryness, which one third. Most of the women had experienced different sexual practices and were tolerant toward prostitution and pornography, but nude female seniors in usa exception to a of perversions.

Discussion: These elderly women have developed and maintained their sexual life in step with the changes in the sexual norms occurring during their adult life, despite prejudices against elderly people's Looking for a Huntsville present and maybe more. Publication types.