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The northeastern United States is experiencing record-breaking cold weather, with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below average, according to the National Weather Service. Those are temperatures so frigid that parts of Mars—a cold, desert planet—are actually warmer than certain spots in the U. Overall, Mars is Horny women artists Owensboro average global temperature is around degrees Fahrenheit—and has a much thinner atmosphere than Earth.

Temperatures also dip drastically from day to night because there is little to retain heat on the planet. While we experience temperature drops like that here on Earth—Shindell Plant City city local sluts it to how hot desert climates cool substantially after sundown—it happens on a much different scale on Mars.

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Like Earth, Mars spins on an axis tilted about 25 degrees from its orbital plane. Mars has no large satellite like the Moon, just its two small moons Phobos and Deimos.

As a result, the tug of gravity from the Sun and the large planets causes a slow wobble Wife seeking real sex Wamsutter the tilt, or obliquity, of its axis. During periods of higher obliquity, the atmosphere is thicker, dust storms are more intense, and water now trapped at the poles moves to the equatorial region to form mountain glaciers.

Many glacial landforms from the last time this occurred can still be seen on Mars.

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There are other things to consider when comparing weather data, like the seasons of the respective planets and the locations where temperature is measured. Extreme weather, like some are experiencing on Earth right now, also happens on Mars, but in a different way.

On Mars, you have a mostly dry landscape sprinkled with craters, volcanoes and valleys. The topography affects the weather.

Dust storms are common on the Red Planet. This caused trapped C02 from its coldest regions to melt Rochester New Hampshire lonely milfs sublime. Though on Earth we can count on our next bout with winter weather to happen a little sooner than it will on Mars, Shindell noted that these extreme temperatures are a small taste of what astronauts would encounter when exploring the Red Planet.

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