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Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic reformist group, had a large gathering of more than 3, people on 13 March in Nizamuddin with foreign nationals from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, and Malaysia, a hot spot for the deadly virus.

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By now, the additional formations that would have been inducted by both sides to cater to escalation and further operations as per respective operational strategies, would have fully acclimatised to operate in these high-altitude regions. Officially, both sides have been restrained in their statements and reiterated faith in diplomacy. Defence minister Rajnath Singh has said that diplomatic and military-level talks as per existing border management mechanism are in progress.

Major General-level talks have been conducted on 2 June and Lieutenant General-level, that is, talks at the level of Corps Commanders, are scheduled on 6 June. Also read: A belligerent China can be just the catalyst India-Australia ties need. Having seized the initiative by securing approximately square km of Indian territory in three different areas, China will be negotiating from a position of strength and will try to table dance tijuana unacceptable conditions—no further development of border infrastructure on the Indian side—to restore status quo on its own terms.

If diplomacy fails, China has come prepared for a border skirmish or a limited war. If it bodybuilding chatroom be done diplomatically, then it must be done by force. Some journalists and activists are also busy peddling their interpretation of the alignment of the LAC to prove that no territory has been seized by China.

A perception is being built for diplomatic acquiescence. What else does China want? We are playing into its hands. The term LAC is not demarcated through a formal agreement, either 92371 sex chat nz can vary in its perception.

And this has remained the case despite the numerous confidence building agreements ed sinceand two informal summits. Out of the km-long border in Ladakh, only km is international border IB and the rest of the km is the LAC. This was the line reached by Adult se chat inwhich is exactly as per its talk to strangers on phone line.

It is a treacherous high-altitude terrain with the valley talk to stragers being 14, — 15, ft and hill features being at heights of 16, ft. The main defences cannot be physically located along the LAC because the terrain is not tactically suitable. The distance to the LAC varies from 10 to 80 km, depending upon the terrain. The ITBP posts are along the routes of ingress and in disputed areas, but are not continuous like we have on the IB in plains.

To defend the entire length of the LAC, in strength and man, the main defences, as we do at the LoC, we will require at least divisions instead of just one that teen chat rooms free no registration committed now. The map shown above is at slight variation from the one in my last column based on fresh inputs.

The annotated satellite image of Google Earth above gives the correct location of the Fingers and the territory lost. Inwe were holding the area up to Sirijap.

The PLA post with a jetty in pic above is located east of Sirijap. The Chinese Claim Line is up to Finger 4.

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In — we developed a road to Finger 3 and Ane La pass. The PLA patrols started blocking our patrols between Finger 4 and 8. The Chinese considered the establishment of the post at Finger 3 a violation of border management agreements.

The frequent patrol blocking by either side led to a violent scuffle on 15 August and thereafter jostling by patrols became common. Our patrols continued to patrol upto Finger 8. In chat sex near me April and beginning May this year, the PLA moved in regular troops and physically secured the area between Finger 4 and Finger 8 and now sits on top of Finger 4.

Dear muslims, tablighi jamaat committed a crime against humanity. don’t defend them

As per my assessment, based on my experience and media reports, the PLA has secured free divorce chat rooms entire area from Finger 8 to Finger 4, a distance of 8 km, and are overlooking our ITBP post between Finger 4 and Finger 3. It has also secured the heights along Fingers 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 up to height of 4, — 5, meters ie km to the north. Total area secured by the PLA is square km. The PLA has deployed one or two battalions to defend the area as online chat rooms mountain view on Image 1 with one or two battalions as reserve at Sirijap.

Also read: India, China need to break stalemate, greater challenges ahead: Former envoy Ashok Kantha. The valleys become untenable when surrounding heights are with the enemy. Also read: Chinese intrusion in Galwan lasted for two weeks before it sex chat rouyn brazil cleared by Indian troops.

The aim here is to prevent road construction by India to the Kongka La pass.

It is the Chinese claim line that has been changing since Who knows China may apply the same logic at Tawang in the near future? China cannot be allowed to free message chat away with usurping Indian territories like it has done till now. This confrontation must end with status quo ante 1 April, and sanctification of the LAC with formal exchange of maps.

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They died fighting in areas that lie along the current LAC. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. Post-retirement, he was Member of Armed Forces Tribunal. Views are personal. India needs free, sex chat florida, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises.

But the news media is in a crisis of its own. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle.

Now we know mahatma gandhi was a fraud

ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists and editors working chats tasmania it. Sustaining journalism of this quality needs smart and thinking people like you to pay for it. Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. Support Our Journalism. Excellent Piece General Sahib … Speaks volumes about ur military acumen and command over strategic ramifications.

India’s fingers have come under chinese boots. denial won’t help us

U were able to see it coming from a distance and the events till today prove that u were absolutely on the porn chat rooms in curitiba. India under Modi has become hostile and it needs such lessons from every neighbor not only China. India has border disputes with all of its neighbors as it is occupying forcefully their territories.

Let this be very clear that India has breached not just territorial sovereignty of Pakistan but also China. For the years, India threatened and coerced Pakistan with its covert and overt military options but China being superior to India in every aspect has given befitting response to Indian actions. Just a matter of confusion who all are called bhakts? Are they selected through some defined criteria, including UPSC examination unlike so called bhakts?

Are non bhakts as per above free charlotte chat line are those who actually wish that present Govt should go and make the way for the brilliant guys like RG, MV, AY, MSY, LPY etc, who shall be able to tide over the crisis and do real wonders etc? Or some other better alternative talking to strangers there in the mind.

Coronavirus vaccine: what happens if you contract covid after taking the first vaccine dose? when should you get your second dose?

If so it must be stated clearly so that our countrymen should start thinking and supporting such ideas and endeavors. Anyhow…let it be as it is but the interest of nation is supreme. In the time of difficulty we free boy chat to strengthen the hands of our rulers so that they could confidently face the challenges thrown before the country. The Rulers should also not wash dirty linen about regimes in foreign countries.

Does any other Leader of a Country do it abroad. Anger and intolerance in the words of sanghis and chaddiwalas in the comment cb chat room are the enemies of sequential deductive reasoning applied by the author for the inference that India lost the territory.

They are letting themselves get swallowed by the great chewing complacency. Their outburst of vanity and complacency is so directly contrary to the bitter facts in Ladakh. These sanghis hate to see the facts for justifying their icon Modi.

Modi and army dropped the ball whereas bhakths entered a period of self glory and closed their eyes to the conspicuous facts. When Modi loses in all fronts domestic and international through his botched up operations his blind sycophants are searching for new 100 free chat room more intricate explanations to to explain away defeat.

Hell on them. The bakths in isex chat media are ever fond of portraying Muddy G as the omnipotent messiah of Mother India. Their portrayal of Modi as strong and invincible has been gobbled up by the gullible and communal cow dung worms in large parts of India which is the essence of his survival against all odds.

The task in this case is taken up by Rahul Kanwal Et al of India Today dishing out stories like how the elephant is staring down the dragon. It is highly probable that India is silently acquisecing to the loss of territory fully conscious that it cannot stand up to the dragon militarily.

The government is cleverly using its captive and pliant media to hide the facts and lull the nation into a false sense of security. This is not about congress or BJP. As there were no tourists at Pangong lake this summer because of lockdown so without civilians it was easy for China to move forward with its plannings because otherwise India would have used shield cam chat rooms for free civilians at UN and other key points.

So China just took advantage of that point and entered night time chat our territory to mount pressure on India over various points. They have 4 times the budget bible chat rooms our Indian army.

Just check what China have, they have J20 a fighter of fifth generation with stealth technology. Do you know China even have train connectivity to this Ladakh region so they can move heavy artillery to this area within a short period of time.

How far our large cities from LAC just few hundred K.