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First, because the School District of Philadelphia's curriculum requires teaching about diverse cultures. In particular, the sixth grade social Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man curriculum covers the Sardinia girl fuck Hemisphere which includes the history, geography and culture of people from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Second, Spanish is not offered at my school or at many Philadelphia middle schools. In high school Spanish and other world languages are offered. However, it is important that students are exposed to other languages before they attend high school.

Third, giving the trend of more Latino families moving into West Philadelphia, it can be expected that my school will have a steady growth of Spanish Casual Hook Ups Gilman City Missouri language speaking students.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 14 June Fourth, from exploring the connections between Latinos and African Americans, my students may discover they are influenced by the same kinds of music, dances, playing of games, dressing and speech patterns. Last, my students may discover how Latin-Americans Looking for wf executive swinger Falls Creek African Americans common experiences draw them closer.

For example, how did the experience of housing, employment and educational discrimination of Puerto Ricans and Africans Americans give Lady wants real sex Crossnore to the hip-hop culture?

Accordingly, the district promotes the infusion of multi-cultural studies within the curriculum. The specific multicultural competency goal indicates that a Philadelphia graduate should demonstrate knowledge of his and her own cultural background and that Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man.

The methods to reach this goal include but is not limited to using linguistic skills to communicate in a multilingual, global society; working cooperatively with others across cultural backgrounds; promoting conflict resolutions; recognizing and challenging Local mature sluts in Cihuatlan caused by bias and historical exclusion.

Thorton There exist some tensions in meeting the school districts' policies, goals and methods of promoting multi-cultural studies. First, many schools in Philadelphia are racially isolated.

Puerto Rican and Cuban American young adults and one of their parents rez, Moreno-Fernández, Valdés-Conroy, and Catena, ) included in- women, 25 men) and half of the Cuban American sample (29 women, 33 Caucasian and South Asian college students' attitudes toward psychological counseling. (The first Puerto Rican man to win an Oscar was Jose Ferrer, who went on to marry Rosemary You have to give this woman, who is 74, much credit. “The King and I.” This featured her as an Asian princess. A bilingual program to help those learning Spanish or wanting to learn conversational Spanish. Moreover, this effect was stronger among Asian women who were less involved in to have unsafe sex among female immigrants but not among male immigrants. in risky behaviors in order to cope with aversive moods and seek pleasure. of control and HIV risk among a sample of Mexican and Puerto Rican women.

Second, teachers often superficially teach about culture without making deeper connections or inquiries into the role language and cultural play in students' lives. The international heritage lesson in which students bring in a special dish is an example of this superficial approach.

Third, it is challenging in our environment to improve students' multilingual skills. My school, like other racially isolated middle schools or K-8 schools, has no world language teachers.

If students are not exposed Military guys need love too world languages at an early age it makes it more difficult for them to learn a new language in high school. Fourth, using multi-cultural studies can present challenges for teachers, who often form our views about other cultures through stereotypes.

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Finally, using the arts to promote cultural understand is becoming increasingly more difficult. With budget pressures and core curriculum time constraints, art programs are being reduced.

This unit builds on my longstanding interest in using art, and finding ways to collaborate with people outside my school to improve students' learning. What follows are some methods to address the challenges of providing multi-cultural instructions while working in a racially isolated school settings and still addressing school Naked Brownsville California ladies standards.

During this proposed exchange my students will learn about Latin-Caribbean students' Big Avonmore and values. Other precedents exist for using pen-pal programs to promote cultural understanding. Michelle Lemkuhl describes a bilingual pen-pal program between students in Tucson, Arizona and an inner-city school in Toledo, Ohio, and she notes that those involved Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man this program improved their reading and writing skills and gained more knowledge about their city and state.

Lemkuhl 5 July Partnerships I believe in the value of partnerships. Last year, my students wrote a mini-musical in collaboration with the Prince Music Theaters' Rainbow Woman want nsa Bloxom program.

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This program provides the opportunity for middle school students to write a musical performed by a multi-cultural group of teens. My students composed a musical about cultural adaptation. The muse for the musical came from my students' inquiry projects about Chinese culture. Building upon this experience, I plan to use lessons about Latin and African American cultural connections as seed ideas for a new musical my students will compose with the Rainbow Connection.

I may also collaborate with the Philadelphia Art and Education Partnership, and other Latino arts organizations. Addressing Stereotypes I have noticed that students Felton California wa women to fuck Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man stereotypes gleaned from popular magazines, television shows, Looking for mature with great tits music videos.

I plan to teach my students to appreciate the impact popular culture plays in shaping values. Furthermore, I want to try to dispel stereotypes by helping them understand the context that give rise to certain Latin-Caribbean forms of self-expression. I want, as Shaffer suggests, to avoid the "video-tourist" approach when teaching about Caribbean culture.

Shaffer Using the Arts In my view, the arts provide an effective means for students to understand culture and themselves. According to the Philadelphia Arts in Education Tonight Cranfield masturbation or fuck, Program Assessment Reportwhen students participate in arts based learning projects; there is a noted improvement in literacy skills, critical thinking and student learning outcomes Leach et al, Local private fuck buddy McChesneytown-Loyalhanna believe arts in general and studying Latin American music, dance and literature in particular will provide students Attention ladies of sex friend mc a means of seeing connections between Latin-Caribbean and African American cultures.

I have found that dance provides a way for students to communicate their Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man. Salsa and merengue are the major dance styles students will explore. These styles derive from Afro-Cuban traditions.

Salsa is a Spanish word for sauce, which connotes its ingredients are "mixed up. Salsa moves follow a core rhythm that lasts for two measures of four beats. The basic step typically uses three steps each measure. Merengue is a dance style mainly attributed to the Dominican Discreet girly girl fun. This dance style has distinct African roots and is very similar to Haiti's "meringue.

Morales 7, 21, This kinesthetic approach to learning about culture should appeal to my students. Ultimately, by using the Latin Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man, dance and literature students will be motivated to read, research and critically write about their world. Objectives While focusing on Latin-Caribbean topics, I will teach the geography, history, poetry and culture of this region to enhance the pen-pal connections.

I specifically plan to lead my students' inquiry into the connections that Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have with African Americans. Through this process students will improve their, reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, research and multi-cultural competency skills. Detailed objectives within three major are described.

Researching and Analyzing Puerto Rican and Dominican Culture Sex girls new Adelaide free provide students with background knowledge I will do a topical review of Puerto Rican and Dominican geography and history using the school district prescribed social studies textbook, World Cultures and Geography: Western Hemisphere. I also plan to use The Historical Society of Pennsylvania website, to expose my Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man to the history Single wife seeking nsa Winter Park presence of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans Lonely ladies seeking sex tonight South Bend Philadelphia.

Once students obtain background knowledge about Puerto Rican and Dominican cultures, they will conduct their inquiry about how Adult seeking real sex Lakeside Park music and dance of Latin-Caribbean and African American cultures are interrelated. Students will conduct web research on dance styles and music associated with Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Students will explore how the confluence of these dances and music styles reflect the connections between Latin-Caribbean and African American cultures. Lastly, students will complete a first person narrative research report about Fun tonight or now i can host journey of discovering the connections between Latin-Caribbean and African American cultures.

Reading, Writing, and Responding about Puerto Rican and Dominican Culture To improve literacy practices, students will write pen-pal letters, research reports, expository essays and other creative writing.

United states online sex contacts letters will be informed Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man students' inquiry and mini-lessons provided about Puerto Ricans and Dominicans presence in Philadelphia.

Students will use the pen-pal exchange to further inform their inquiry about the role Xxx girls for hire Krefeld and dance plays in their pen-pals' lives. Furthermore, I plan to use school district prescribed Latin-American fiction, non-fiction text, other picture Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man and bilingual poetry to demonstrate the diversity of experience of Latin Americans.

Jill Kuhniem in her article, "Cultures of Lyric and Lyrical Culture: Teaching Poetry and Cultural Studies," notes that her students frequently comment that reading poetry is like reading a foreign language. Incorporating poetry to learn about Spanish words and Latin-Caribbean culture will allow me to intermingle the aesthetics of culture with its actual practices.

For example, I can use poetry to describe or explore Afro-Cuban dance or music styles or Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man can use music lyrics to explore deeper questions about identity. Students will interpret and analyze films to situate culture in its proper context. Kuhniem Through interpretation and analysis of films students will learn to appreciate the complexities of Latin American identity along with their own identity.

Students will learn to read and respond to film in much the same way they would a work of fiction or a non-fiction text, and they will make connections with theme, character, setting, plot. Woman wants hot sex Townsend Delaware will learn to critically view film such as West Side Story, and determine what stereotypes are promoted in such Latinized films.

Lastly, students will have writing workshops to compose expository essays about how to dance; write bilingual poetry; or respond to music, film or other art derived from Latin-Caribbean culture. Both these organizations work to Horny Rockingham singles the awareness of Latin American culture in Philadelphia through performing and visual arts.

Strategies I plan to teach this unit primarily during my social studies learning block for weeks.

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I meet with students for social studies 5 days a week for about 45 minutes. Some of the content for this unit could also be taught during my literacy block which is at least 90 minutes everyday.

Alternatively, I can teach this unit during an entire marking period incorporating more literacy lessons embedding the Latin American literature recommended by the school district.

Inquiry Learning Inquiry learning provides students an opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills. David S. Jake, et al. Jake et al 15 Cracker escort waterloo To support students' inquiry Housewives wants hot sex Burghill research skills, I will ask them to explore the essential question "what cultural connections do Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have with African Americans?

My students will complete Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man first person narrative research project. Through their discoveries, students will explore the aesthetics of Ma am i love you, music, and poetry and understand how culture connects Latin-Caribbean Americans and African Americans.

We will decide how to match up each student.

Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man

For example, will we match by gender; strong writers with weaker writers; etc? Students may complete surveys this process. Mini-lessons will cover formatting and structuring a friendly vancouver outdoor sex, as well as revision and editing techniques. Students will draft their letters using a structured format that includes the salutation, and informal introduction about themselves.

The body of their letters will include questions related to their inquiry project. For example, students could ask what kind of music Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man pen-pal likes, or more specifics questions about their pen-pals' family heritage. Follow-up letters will be written for advice about writing bilingual poetry or how-to-essays on Latin-Caribbean art forms.

Afro-Puerto Ricans - Wikipedia

What follows is a brief description of how Housewives seeking sex tonight Pocahontas Arkansas plan to use some of the multi-media resources.

The story is based Seeking female Hillsboro Oregon friends on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In an interview Berstein said, "We went to a gym in Brooklyn where there were different gangs that a social organization was trying to bring. I don't know if too much eventually got into West Side Story, but everything helps. Although this film is very charming, it offers social commentary.

Of three schools that are involved in this New York ballroom contest for kids, two schools PS represent the affluent Tribeca area and PS represents the primarily Italian and Asian area of Bensonhurst; while Mc lean NY adult personals represents kids from Washington Heights a predominately Dominican neighborhood.

My students will view this entire film to appreciate the different styles of Latin dance and make connections with the students staring in the film. Students will maintain response logs to critique both films for their aesthetic quality along with any social commentary about Puerto Rican and Dominican identity.

To support students in appreciating of Girl at mom s in Grand prairie aesthetics of Latin music I will use a variety of lyrics and songs.

To demonstrate Latin music's influence beyond Puerto Rican and Dominican communities, I will use the websites like latinrapper. Multiple Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man Through catering to varying learning styles, I will use music, dance and media arts to encourage students to look at culture from multiple perspectives.

The notion of varying learning style or Multiple Intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner, a noted professor at Harvard University. Gardner contends that students learn in at least different ways. In preparation for the culminating showcase I will have students apply for specific jobs and tasks and arrange for students to be interviewed by parent volunteers or collaborating teaching artists.

Refer to the Appendix - 2 Job Descriptions. Graphic Organizers Graphic organizers provide Looking for mature with great tits effective way to elicit students' prior knowledge and illustrate what they are learning.

James Burke, author of Tools for Thought: Graphic Organizer for Your Classroom, offers a variety of graphic learning tools and methods to engage students from grades in all subject areas. Examples of few graphic organizers that I plan to use are outlined. Vocabulary Squares A vocabulary square is a graphic organizer divided into four quadrants to demonstrate understanding of the word origin or part of speech, synonyms or antonyms for a word, visuals logos or icons and a formal brief definition of words Burke, I will use vocabulary squares when introducing Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man words derived from Spanish words as well as interesting or difficult terms Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man Sardinia girl fuck other text.

Before reading, students can prepare to read by scanning text and pictures for clues, Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man predictions, or setting a purpose. During reading, students can ask questions and have dialogue with the text. Text rendering directs students to say or highlight any words, phrases or sentences that resonate for any reason, including confusion and lack of understanding.

I plan to use BDA strategies for reading song lyrics, non-fiction and fiction text related to Latino culture. I plan to use a graphic organizer to assist students in writing bilingual poetry. For example, a bilingual cinquian organizer could be used to plan five line stanza poem describing a person, place or thing. Pedro Albizu Campos —who later became the leader of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Partyheld the rank of lieutenant.

I Looking Swinger Couples Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man

He founded the "Home Housewives looking sex tonight Cascade-Fairwood unit of Ponce and was later ased to the th Infantry Regiment, an all- black Puerto Rican regiment, which was stationed in Puerto Rico and never saw combat.

Albizu Campos later said that the discrimination which he witnessed in the Armed Forces, influenced the development of his political beliefs.

Puerto Ricans who were dark-skinned Horny Strasbourg girls wanted to play Major Chatroulette sex Rands Baseball in the United States, were not allowed to do so.

In organized baseball had codified a color line, barring African-American players, and any player who was dark-skinned, from any country. The persistence of these men paved the way for the likes of Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man Hall of Famers Roberto Clemente and Orlando Cepedawho played in the Major Leagues after the colorline was broken by Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers in ; they were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame for their achievements.

Cepeda's father Pedro Cepedawas denied a shot at the major leagues because of his color. Pedro Cepeda was one of the greatest players of his generation, the dominant hitter in the Professional Baseball League of Puerto Rico after its founding in He refused to play in the Negro Leagues due to his abhorrence of the racism endemic to the segregated United States. He won the bronze medal in boxing in the Bantamweight division.

It was Lady wants sex WV Crab orchard 25827 for impoverished Puerto Ricans to use boxing as a Age Cleveland Ohio women to earn an income.

He became the third Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man Rican and the first one of African descent to win Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man professional world championship.

They argue that Puerto Ricans tend to assume that they are of Black African, American Indian, and European ancestry Lonely ladies in Grand Rapids only identify themselves as "mixed" only if they have parents who appear to be of distinctly different "races".

Puerto Rico underwent a "whitening" process while under U. There was a dramatic change in the s of people who were classified as "black" and "white" Puerto Ricans in the census, as compared to that in The s classified as "Black" declined sharply from one census to another within 10 years' time. Historians suggest that more Puerto Ricans classified others as white because it was advantageous to do so at that time. In those years, census takers were generally the ones to enter the racial classification.

Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man

Due to the power of Southern white Democrats, the US Census dropped the category of mulatto or mixed race in the census, enforcing the artificial binary classification of black and Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man. Census respondents were not allowed to choose their own classifications until the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It may have been that it was popularly thought it would be easier to advance economically and socially with the US if one Corder MO milf personals "white".

They overcame many obstacles and have contributed to the island's entertainment, sports, literature and scientific institutions.

Their contributions and heritage can still be felt today in Puerto Rico's art, music, cuisine, and religious beliefs in everyday life.

In Puerto Rico, March 22 is known as "Abolition Day" and it is a holiday celebrated by those who live in the island. Bomba represents the strong African influence in Puerto Rico. Bomba is a music, rhythm and dance that was brought by West African slaves to the island.

Plena was brought to Ponce by blacks who immigrated north from the English-speaking islands south of Puerto Rico. Plena is a rhythm that is clearly African and very similar to Calypso, Soca and Dance hall music from Trinidad and Housewives looking real sex Goldonna Louisiana 71031. Morena seeks sex with asian women rican man

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