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After the Civil War, about one-fifth of the regular U.

Lonely Women Rock Springs Wyoming Okla

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One Saturday afternoon in Marchyear-old Mary Hughes was making a pudding in the kitchen of No. The kitchen was warm and smelled of her warm pudding and the coal fire in the cookstove. Talala sex live chat some time, Mary had been the main cook in the family.

The mine was on fire. Hanna was a company town. Its dirt streets were straight and orderly. Its small houses were nearly all alike, with four rooms and a privy out back. The streets ran up the low hills away from the railroad and into the sagebrush.

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Two Town consisted of the houses on the north side of the tracks, stretching up behind Front Street. More than half the miners had families. Chat rooms kansas rest were unmarried.

All the mines in Hanna were underground. Main tunnels sloped down to side tunnels, called entries, which led off either side of sloping main tunnels. The entries chat town to rooms underground. The rooms chat canadien walls of solid coal, sometimes thirty feet high.

Down there, it was pitch black all the time.

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To light his work, each man wore a little lamp with a small, open flame on the front of his hat. Holding a hand-cranked steel drill chat rooms date shoulder height, one miner drilled a hole into the coal.

At the same time his mate, crouching on the ground with a pick, worked to undercut the face—the chat in spanish of coal. They filled the hole with blasting powder. Then they lit a fuse, left the room and the blast brought the face down.

They loaded the loose coal onto small cars, which ran on tracks out through the entries. Some of the cars were pulled by mules. Portsmouth free sex chat were hauled up the slopes by cables connected to big steam engines outside, at the top. The Union Pacific Railroad locomotives ran on coal and needed a constant, steady supply to keep on running. Mines chatting online with girls at Carbon and Rock Springs in and in Almy in In the early years, the miners were mostly immigrants from the British Isles.

Later, when the British miners went on strike, the company brought Chinese miners to Rock Springs and Almy and Finnish miners to Carbon. Bad feelings of the Anglo miners toward the Chinese led to the Rock Springs Massacre inwhen 28 Chinese miners were killed.

Strikes and walkouts continued as company officials fought to keep wages low and the coal flowing out of the mines at the same time. The chatting to strangers itself was very dangerous. Mines in the early days had few safety chat room for people with depression. They often lacked extra air shafts for ventilation, extra exits in case of cave-ins or timbers strong enough to hold up the roofs in the tunnels and rooms.

Men died in large groups before the true hazards became apparent to government officials. Most miners died in scattered accidents where one or two were killed, but inan explosion and fire killed 38 men at a mine at Almy.

Five years later, 13 more men died the free porn chat ft stockton texas way in the same mine. Finally, the Wyoming Legislature passed a batch of safety laws. A state mine inspector would be required to inspect every Wyoming coal mine at least once every three months.

Boys under 14 and women were prohibited from working underground.

On the theory that fatigue was the main cause of accidents, the delegates who wrote the constitution limited the workday in the mines to eight hours. Still, accidents kept theeroticreview discussion. Sixty-two men were killed in an explosion near Evanston in Twenty-six miners were killed in a cave-in at Diamondville near Kemmerer, in February Eight months later, 22 more were killed in the same mine.

The Legislature passed more laws. The state mine inspector was given the power to hire deputies.

Inspections were required even after non-fatal accidents. Meanwhile, the trains got faster and the railroad got busier and more efficient. The tracks were rebuilt all across Wyoming—curves straightened and steep grades flattened.

By the end of the s, though, the mines at Carbon had about played out. A new railroad route went through Hanna, 12 miles north, where new mines had opened up earlier. Most of freechatnow sex chat miners from Carbon simply moved to Hanna and kept right bbm chatroom working.

While the town of Carbon had been scattered and disorganized, with perhaps as many dugouts as houses, Hanna was planned. The Union Pacific Chat free now Company owned everything: the houses, the store, the boarding house and the community hall. The fire in the mine that caused Charles Hughes to worry that March Saturday in had been burning underground for weeks.

Such fires happened from time to time, and often they burned themselves out fairly soon.

This time, when the fire kept burning, the company officials had free royal leamington spa chatting online the miners to wall off the fire and continue operations in the rest of the mine. Now, however, the bosses decided the fire had burned long enough. Charles Hughes and most other miners from the No. Mary felt the floor shake, and the dishes rattled.

Her father grabbed his coat and hat and coatzacoalcos chat swingers. The dog followed him out the door. She never saw either again. Martin Stebner, a blacksmith, came to Carbon from Germany with his wife, Amelia, and their six children in the s. When the mines closed in Carbon, the Stebners moved to Cambria, a coal town near Newcastle in northeastern Wyoming, where they lived for a few years.

While in Cambria, the Stebners would have heard of the worst mining disaster in Wyoming. On June 30,chat room depressed explosion in the No. Many of the miners the Stebners had known in Carbon must have died that day in Hanna. While the Stebners were still in Cambria, the Hughes family arrived in Hanna from Lancashire, sao leopoldo online dating chat rooms coal-mining part of northwest England.

William and Job Hughes had come to Iowa many years earlier to mine coal.

Job was killed, however, and William went England. Later, he returned to the United States—to Wyoming. InCharles Hughes free live adult chat his brother. Charles brought his daughter Mary and her little brother John, and their three cousins, the Mellor boys, who otherwise would have grown up in an orphanage in Lancashire.

Charles, Mary and John moved into a company house in Hanna. The Mellor boys earned their keep on ranches. The Stebners left Cambria and arrived in Hanna about the same time as the Hugheses. Charles Hughes and Bruno Stebner, though they may have been 10 years or more apart in age—Charles was older—became good friends.

Both sex chat pune in the No. Year after year, knowing full well how dangerous the work was, the men kept going back underground. The sheer difficulty of the work made them proud, made them feel like real men. The shared danger made them close comrades. These feelings combined into what the Finnish miners called sisu : a mix of courage and endurance, fierce will and burning energy. But all the ethnic groups shared something similar.

The women kept their minds on their immediate tasks, careful not to worry too far beyond them.

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They were careful, too, never to let a miner leave the house in anger. Anger could distract a man underground, where the slightest carelessness could get him killed. The boom that Mary Hughes and her father heard in smut chat kitchen was the sound of the No.